SDBmania News, AND Then Some

Thoughts about my podcast still linger in my brain as I conveniently ignore it while working on new content for my streaming channel on Apparently my laziness has promted me to forget about it. Though to be fair, the idea is still incomplete. Do I want to act like a TV host all by myself? Where is my Andy Richter?

So for now, we will have to settle for something else until I figure out how I want to do the podcast. Enter SDBmania News! For a while now I have used !news to let viewers know what’s going on with my channel. That’s great, but what about people who don’t like to read? Then I thought about my YouTube channel. I don’t use it nearly enough and since I can’t post Twitch videos on my blog, making YouTube videos to highlight new stuff about my Twitch channel made a lot of sense. And thus, my news program was born!

SDBmania News is a short video about the latest developments on my Twitch channel. It will also contain important information, like mikefiftymillion’s gofundme page. I will try to add a new video every week, so you can watch me talk about myself for several minutes. Yikes! I’m also going to try an make an effort to work on my blog a bit more. Maybe post some game reviews and talk about issues related to Twitch. Anyway, hope you like the first installment of SDBmania News!!! OMG!!!

The End of This Website, Well Sort of

If you are a regular visitor of my website, you may know that I don’t write a lot of blog posts. That’s because I forget or I don’t have anything to say. I spend a lot of my time, in fact most of it, on Twitch. So, I don’t do much with my website. That is why I have decided to retire the writing portion of this blog. I guess it’s not really going to be a blog anymore.

Instead, I will be using this site to showcase my new weekly podcast. That’s right! I’m planning to do a podcast that is an extension to the SDBmania Channel on Twitch. I’m planning on a weekly podcast, with my girlfriend as a co-host. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun! I know this change might be sudden, but I just feel like I’m done with writing. I spent a lot of time on it, but I think its time to move on to something new and I feel like my Twitch channel is growing nicely.

It’s the end of an era in a lot of ways, but with time things change. I could of course still write a blog post here or there, but for now it’s going to be just SDBmania Channel stuff. I do appreciate everyone who visited and I hope you will continue to come here for the podcast. 🙂

The Maniac

The Maniac

I’ve been a lot of things, writer, video store rental guy, and musician, and others. One thing I have never been is a wrestler. Surprise! I am now! I helped Mike Fifty Million design the character, but most of the work was his, and now I am The Maniac!

Since the creation of The Maniac, Mike started requesting we do interview and I try to find time for them. You can catch the latest interview here: The Maniac. By the way, The Maniac is on the right. KCW is a custom team of wrestlers in the WWE arena. Mike creates most of these characters off people he knows on Hence why he created one of me!

It was a lot of fun to voice the character of The Manaic, and I hope you enjoy the interviews as much as I have! It’s funny since I’m not into sports, but I do enjoy watching The Maniac fight. Also the matches don’t tend to be too long, so they are easy to watch. Guys please check out Mikes YouTube Channel for his KCW matches and stay tuned for more from The Maniac!