Talking to Girls…Yikes!

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Hey guys, remember when you couldn’t talk to girls? I’ve been reminded recently about an old issue I had when I was much younger. “HOW DO YOU TALK TO GIRLS!!?!?!?!?!?!?” I kinda smile when I think about it. I’m by no means a Casanova or anything, but it seems silly now to worry about how to talk to women. It’s definitely an immature place to be, though it’s understandable and by no means a bad thing. It just means you have room to grow. If by chance you are unsure of how to talk to women, the secret is you have to talk to them. About anything really.

Maybe this is a game changer for you, but women are people. Simple, but a lot of guys like to put women on a pedestal. We like to think of them as perfect, better than us. Talking to women can make us really nervous! And don’t get me started on dating. And I say “we” because while I’m certainly confident in social situations for the most part, I still get nervous sometimes.

The idolization of women is in stark contradiction to the powerfully negative aspect of masculine culture which values men over women, but is still harmful. It can make it difficult for some men to interact with women. This is because we see women as better than us, as superior. It may seem flattering to women, but for men it can be crippling.

Let me explain why. For starters, guys who like girls can feel unworthy, or a lack of confidence. Feelings of inferiority for either sex makes it difficult to interact with the opposite sex (or in some cases same-sex). Feelings of inferiority can lead to anxieties while feeling superior can lead to entitlement.

Instead, of idolizing men or women, remember that we are all flawed and imperfect individuals. It’s okay to be imperfect and the more you see the other person as normal, the easier it will be to talk to them. Another thing that helps me is to downplay saying stupid things. I used to worry a lot about what I said to women. I still try to watch myself, but if I say something stupid or weird or whatever, it’s not the end of the world. Once you get to know a person, you should feel comfortable to say whatever you want really.

I used to say, think of an attractive woman as being like one of your guy friends. Don’t see her as someone “unobtainable,” just treat her like you would with one of your good friends. Respect and a little confidence goes a long way.

SDBmania Twitch Channel Update 8/28/18


If you haven’t checked me out on Twitch at:, now’s the time! I’m always trying to add new things to make my channel even better. The latest was my Elgato HD60 S external video capture card. Probably the most expensive item I’ve bought so far for the stream, well worth it. The next large purchase I am planning is the Elgato Green Screen, though I’m going to wait a while to buy it. Other possible upgrades for the distant future are: a new webcam, a stream deck, and possibly a second PC so I can use one computer for streaming and one for PC games.

For now, I’m making little additions to the stream, like new bot commands and extensions. I also recently added new images for my panels, just to make things look a little classy. And since Twitch has become so important in my life, this website is going to be focused on my Twitch channel. Most of my posts now will be related to Twitch or video games, mostly. I’m not likely to post about politics, religion, and other sensitive topics that I have talked about in the past (though that doesn’t mean I won’t). I’m really working to try to build my viewer base as much as I can, that should be my focus. That being said, I will still write posts about my personal life and what I’m feeling. That’s because I still want to let people know who SDB is!

I plan to write a post every week at least with news about my Twitch channel. All depends on what new stuff I have to report. For today, the newest development is my integration with my blog and my Twitch channel. There’s a new command, !web, that will display the web address of this site. Also I’ve included more of my social media accounts on my website! If you watch my channel regularly, you can find additional social media accounts to follow if you wish. As always, follow me on twitter for current news about my Twitch Channel.

Also, don’t forget to mark you calendar!! September 17th and 18 is the big Happy Belated-Birthday SDBmania Twitch Channel event. I’ll be playing some fun games, probably Friday the 13th The Game and possibly others. You’re gonna want to tune in, cuz I will be doing some giveaways each night! While I’m doing these events in September, technically it was a year in August that I came back to Twitch, oops!

Alright, guess that’s all there is to report for today. I hope you all are having a wonderful day, and don’t forget to check me out on Twitch y’all!!

I Have Returned, I think


Holy heck!? I haven’t written a new post in like a year! And I’m playing for this site!! Okay, well let’s kick it in gear and at least try to make some use out of this website. Hopefully this time I won’t take such a long break. People might actually want to read what I have to say! Or not. At any rate, here’s my “I’m back again and this time will try to write more” post. Why haven’t I been writing lately? Because, I’ve been putting a lot of time into my Twitch Channel: SDBmania. That’s what. In fact, my little channel is growing at a nice pace. Sadly, that’s the only thing I have been doing with my life, for the most part.

Why have I been spending so much time on Twitch? Cuz I need to build my audience! It takes a lot of effort for a guy like me to grow my channel. I worked hard for around 6 months to get affiliated with Twitch. Now I’m starting to earn a little money, but more importantly, meeting some cool people. So, yeah, I spent a lot of time streaming and will continue to do so.

However, now that I feel things are going better, I want to spend a little time getting back into writing. I haven’t worked on my fiction for like ever. I don’t feel motivated to do it, but maybe if I start working on my blog again I might get inspired. So far, nope. But hey, I can at least give my blog the attention it deserves! Or at least a little bit.

I’m starting off with a short post saying I’m back, hopefully for good this time, and I’ll be working on another post talking about what I want to do with my twitch channel going forward. So sit back and read to your hearts content! Also, hope that I don’t get too lazy and give up on wordpress again. 😦