Have Some More of Mii

After publishing the Scott David Brown Mii on my blog, I thought it might be fun to post more of the Miis I have created and obtained over the years. Most of the Miis here will be from the early days when I first got my Wii back in 2006 and I collected some from friends I met online. I also will be creating new Miis for fun. I’m planning on doing this each month, maybe more than once, and I think it will be fun to share some of my Mii characters.HAA_0002 HAA_0001 First we have the Scott David Brown Mii. I always put myself first, so it makes sense to have my Mii first! I have had several versions of my Mii and I think this one looks the most like me. This is from my Wii U and I used a photo to create it on Wii U.

HAA_0006 HAA_0005This Mii is a friend of mine, based on a real person, and you can learn more about him at www.markmushakian.com. Mark came over one day to hang out and he created this Mii on my Wii U. I think it looks like him.

HAA_0004 HAA_0003This is my first Wii Mii that I am including on this page. I wish I could claim credit for this Mii, but I did not create it. I do not know who created this Stephen Colbert Mii, but he sure did a good job. However, since I watch The Colbert Report all the time, I am sure Stephen may feel that this Mii is not accurate enough. Therefor, I invite Mr. Colbert to come over and create a new Mii. The Wii U has a camera and he can create a more accurate Mii!

HAA_0010 HAA_0007This Mii is based on a character from the T.V. show Friends. Hopefully you can tell who this is, but in case you can’t, it’s the loveable Phoebe played by Lisa Kudrow. Sh’s not my creation, but not a bad likeness don’t you think?

HAA_0009 HAA_0008 This is Cleo. I created her for the Nintendo channel for Wii users who competed to create Miis based on a theme that Nintendo chose. In this case, I was trying to create Cleopatra. I got a good score if I remember correctly.

HAA_0012HAA_0011This is the original Scott David Brown Mii from back with I first got my Nintendo Mii back in 2006. Well, he has had some work done over the years, but still the same basic Mii. This is the 32nd annual celebration of birthday Mii!

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